Kallinge kyrka

Adresse: Kyrkvägen 2, 372 52 Kallinge Karte anzeigen

Adresse: Kyrkvägen 2, 372 52 Kallinge

The church was built in 1937-39 and designed by Herbert Kockum.

Drawings of the church was drawn of the architect Herbert Kockum, Stockholm (enshrined May 7, 1937). The church was built in 1937-39. It was opened in 1939 by the then Bishop Edvard Rodhe.
The church is very unusual as it is oriented to the west rather than the usual east. It consists of a rectangular nave oriented with the choir to the west. The middle of the north side rises a square tower. The base is of rough hewn granite blocks. The walls are of brick, smooth plastered and whitewashed. In the nave south and west sides, there are two stepped buttresses. The roof is made ​​of brick. At the tower's eastern wall are there the dial of the clock tower.

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