Adresse: Tvingvägen, 372 75 Johannishus Karte anzeigen

Adresse: Tvingvägen, 372 75 Johannishus

Björketorpsstenen, one of the country's most remarkable rune stone monument, located at Björketorp, about 7 kilometers east of Ronneby.

The rune stone is flanked by two tall standing stones. The three stones forming a triangle and mentioned in writing for the first time in 1493, as the landmark between Edestad, Listerby and Hjortsberga parishes. Near the rune stone and the other two blocks are a burial ground which dates from the Migration Period, 400-800 AD.
The rune stone is just over 4 meters high and has a Primitive Norse inscription, a curse formula. "Mighty runes secret I hid here, powerful runes. Whoever breaks this memorial is constantly tormented by anger. Betrayal death will befall him. I trace depravity." The inscription is from the late 600s AD

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    Listerby 2 km
    Kallinge 7 km
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    Ronneby marktplatz 6 km
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