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Pagelsborgs naturreservat

(14 km bis Kallinge)  Karte

Radfahren & Wandern Pagelsborg is part of the Bräkne ridge and consists of a gravel ridge, located 1.5 kilometers north of Järnavik.

Restaurang Viktoria

(14 km bis Kallinge)  Karte

Restaurant The local restaurant in Backaryd.

Almö naturreservat

(14 km bis Kallinge)  Karte

Radfahren & Wandern, Bad, Meer & See You go to the reserve on Almö to go swimming, have a picnic or hike on the beautiful trails. There are oak pastures and deciduous forest in the north and in the southern part of...

Lindö udde

(14 km bis Kallinge)  Karte

Übrige This cape is one of the best places in the county for bird watching.

Karlssons Gårdsbutik i Tromtesunda

(14 km bis Kallinge)  Karte

Hofläden Karlssons Gårdsbutik sells vegetables and berries from their own plantations, handicrafts, leather products and more.


(14 km bis Kallinge)  Karte

Parks & Natur Nature reserve with approximately 40 hectares in a beautiful hiking area at Bräkneån estuary, 15 km southwest of Ronneby.

ICA Träffpunkten

(15 km bis Kallinge)  Karte

Läden & Einkaufszentren ICA Träffpunkten is a grocery store.

Järnavik naturreservat

(15 km bis Kallinge)  Karte

Radfahren & Wandern, Übrige Järnaviks nature reserve a varied area with a rich flora, beautiful trails and an interesting story.

Miniature golf at Järnaviks Camping

(15 km bis Kallinge)  Karte

Kinder & Familie, Übrige The miniature golf is right by the bathing place at Järnaviks camping.

Biosphere Reserve Kayaking - 5 day package/ ARK56

(15 km bis Kallinge)  Karte

Aktivitäten & Sport, Bad, Meer & See, Radfahren & Wandern [...] Blekinge coastal area and Archipelago has been nominated by UNESCO one of Swedens 5 Biosphere Reserves.

Paddelkompaniet - Hochseekajak Järnavik

(15 km bis Kallinge)  Karte

Boot, Kanu & Kajak Paddelkompaniet - Ihr Arrangör für Erlebnisse in der Wildnis Südschwedens! Willkommen beim Familienbetrieb mit persönlichem Service! Die Betreiber des Kanuverleihs haben sowo...


(16 km bis Kallinge)  Karte

Radfahren & Wandern, Übrige The nature reserve is a beautiful area, located on a cape next to the sea.

Blekinge Hästskjuts

(16 km bis Kallinge)  Karte

Kinder & Familie, Pferd Experience Blekinges beautiful countryside with horse and carriage.


(18 km bis Kallinge)  Karte

Restaurant Restaurant and lobby bar at Ronneby Brunn hotel.

Kolshults Ponnybus

(20 km bis Kallinge)  Karte

Kinder & Familie, Pferd, Führungen Pony rides, children's parties, forest tours, junior lessons and driving with horse and carriage.

Vannslätten - Hembygdsgård

(20 km bis Kallinge)  Karte

Museen Vannslätten is a farm house and farm building that originates from the 40's and 50's.

Danshallen Belganet

(21 km bis Kallinge)  Karte

Unterhaltung, Übrige At Danshallen in Belganet you can dance to live music.

Eringsboda church

(22 km bis Kallinge)  Karte

Kirchen The church of Eringsboda was built 1847-49 according sketches of J A Hawerman.


(22 km bis Kallinge)  Karte

Übrige An area with ''snake spruce" between Backaryd and Eringsboda.


(22 km bis Kallinge)  Karte

Radfahren & Wandern Welcome to hike, bike or ride along the Blekinge Vildmarksled. Experience the silence, stillness and the beautiful nature.

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