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Värmansnäs naturreservat

(16 km bis Saxemara)  Karte

Radfahren & Wandern, Übrige Peninsula in Listersjön, consists of 3 hectares mature pine forest.


(17 km bis Saxemara)  Karte

Parks & Natur A peninsula in Listersjön that consists of 3 hectares older coniferous forest.

Mörtströmmens Fishing area

(17 km bis Saxemara)  Karte

Jagd & Angeln In these waters you can fish for example sea trout, pike, trout and perch.

Hagströms Hästar

(17 km bis Saxemara)  Karte

Kinder & Familie, Pferd, Führungen Experience Blekinges beautiful nature on the horseback.

The church of Möljeryd

(17 km bis Saxemara)  Karte

Kirchen The church is built according sketches by N O Berlin 1894.

Blekinge Hjort

(18 km bis Saxemara)  Karte

Hofläden You can buy venison at Blekinge Hjort.


(18 km bis Saxemara)  Karte

Übrige A lake area 12 km north-east of Ronneby which consists of 150 hectares of which 27 hectares of water.

Blekinge Hästskjuts

(19 km bis Saxemara)  Karte

Kinder & Familie, Pferd Experience Blekinges beautiful countryside with horse and carriage.

Sännen och Listersjöarnas Fishing Area

(19 km bis Saxemara)  Karte

Jagd & Angeln Fish for pike, perch and whitefish in the area around Johannishus.

Skärvgöl - Bråtabrons Fishing Area

(20 km bis Saxemara)  Karte

Jagd & Angeln In areas around Backaryd and Långgöl you can fish for pike, eel, perch, tench and whitefish.

Pahne Textil

(20 km bis Saxemara)  Karte

Hofläden Pahne has a wide range of medical and traditional socks.

Restaurang Viktoria

(21 km bis Saxemara)  Karte

Restaurant The local restaurant in Backaryd.

ICA Träffpunkten

(21 km bis Saxemara)  Karte

Läden & Einkaufszentren ICA Träffpunkten is a grocery store.

Vannslätten - Hembygdsgård

(26 km bis Saxemara)  Karte

Museen Vannslätten is a farm house and farm building that originates from the 40's and 50's.

Danshallen Belganet

(27 km bis Saxemara)  Karte

Unterhaltung, Übrige At Danshallen in Belganet you can dance to live music.


(27 km bis Saxemara)  Karte

Restaurant Restaurant and lobby bar at Ronneby Brunn hotel.

Fällgrens Grönsaker

(27 km bis Saxemara)  Karte

Hofläden Fällgrens Grönsaker sells healthy grown vegetables.

Belgeslunds Träslöjd

(28 km bis Saxemara)  Karte

Hofläden Belgeslunds Träslöjd mixes contemporary design with traditional craftsmanship.


(28 km bis Saxemara)  Karte

Restaurant, Café Restaurant and café in a rural environment, just outside Belganet.

Kolshults Ponnybus

(29 km bis Saxemara)  Karte

Kinder & Familie, Pferd, Führungen Pony rides, children's parties, forest tours, junior lessons and driving with horse and carriage.

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