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(6 km bis Järnavik)  Karte

Hofläden Factory sales of Mairos blinds, they also have some other furnishings.


(7 km bis Järnavik)  Karte

Läden & Einkaufszentren Karlsson has a wide range of tools, clothing, home, leisure and garden products.


(7 km bis Järnavik)  Karte

Restaurant Die Taverne in der Nachbarschaft in Bräkne-hoby.

Wallanders Åbacka

(7 km bis Järnavik)  Karte

Parks & Natur Wallander Åbacka is an old primary forest with a historical value.

Sjöarp Strövstig

(8 km bis Järnavik)  Karte

Radfahren & Wandern Walking path in a deciduous dominated landscape.


(10 km bis Järnavik)  Karte

Übrige The reserve is part of Bräkneåns beautiful valley and covers about 13 hectares. The area is located just west of Tararp, 5 kilometers north of Bräkne-Hoby.

Risanäs Skolmuseum

(11 km bis Järnavik)  Karte

Museen, Gebäude & Kulturstätten In Risanäs school museum you can find various types of benches and school materials from the past.

Härstorpsrundan Strövstig

(11 km bis Järnavik)  Karte

Radfahren & Wandern Beautiful walking trail at Härstorpssjön in Ronneby.


(11 km bis Järnavik)  Karte

Übrige Gravel formation and cultural landscape at Bräkneån. 12 hectares. Within the area there is a geologically interesting ridge that makes the landscape hilly and varied.

Bathing Places - lakes

(11 km bis Järnavik)  Karte

Bad, Meer & See Here you'll find exemples of bathing spots at our lakes.

Lugnevi - Ronneby ice rink

(12 km bis Järnavik)  Karte

Kinder & Familie, Sport & Bewegung, Winter-Aktivitäten Go skating on Lugnevi in central Ronneby in the winter.

Villa Kreativa

(12 km bis Järnavik)  Karte

Galerie & Kunst Since summer 2012, has the artist created beautiful and unique jewelry in the house in Ronneby.

Villa Kreativa

(12 km bis Järnavik)  Karte

Design & Kunsthandwerk, Hofläden Villa Kreativa sell their own handmade jewelry, art and glass.

Boat rental

(12 km bis Järnavik)  Karte

Jagd & Angeln, Boot, Kanu & Kajak Boats can be rented at several places along the coast of Ronneby.

Bräkneån North Fishing area

(12 km bis Järnavik)  Karte

Jagd & Angeln Bräkneån offers a good spin fishing for pike and a good angling for perch, bream. In flowing waters are also brown trout. Opportunities to fish from shore is good

Bathing places - the sea

(12 km bis Järnavik)  Karte

Kinder & Familie, Bad, Meer & See Along the coast in Ronneby, are there many beaches. Find your own favorite spot

Ginos Livs

(12 km bis Järnavik)  Karte

Läden & Einkaufszentren Ginos Livs is a small grocery store.

Apoteket "Snäckan"

(12 km bis Järnavik)  Karte

Läden & Einkaufszentren Apoteket sells drugs and personal care products.

Ronneby indoor swimming pool

(12 km bis Järnavik)  Karte

Bad, Meer & See, Sport & Bewegung Ronneby indoor swimming pool is located centrally along with the city sports hall.

Jem o Fix

(13 km bis Järnavik)  Karte

Läden & Einkaufszentren Jem o Fix is ​​a construction market with everything for your home and garden.

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