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Coop Konsum

(8 km bis Ekenäs)  Karte

Läden & Einkaufszentren Coop Konsum is a grocery store.

Kallinge Pizzeria

(8 km bis Ekenäs)  Karte

Restaurant A pizza restaurant in Kallinge.

Kallinge indoor swimming pool

(8 km bis Ekenäs)  Karte

Bad, Meer & See, Sport & Bewegung Indoor swimming pool in Kallinge.

Restaurang Chaplin

(8 km bis Ekenäs)  Karte

Restaurant Local restaurant in Kallinge.

Ekholms Fotoateljé

(8 km bis Ekenäs)  Karte

Museen, Gebäude & Kulturstätten One of the oldest and smallest daylight studios, which the photographer Oscar Ekholm built himself 1929.

Listerby Pizzeria

(8 km bis Ekenäs)  Karte

Restaurant A pizza restaurant in Listerby.

Wallanders Åbacka

(8 km bis Ekenäs)  Karte

Übrige Wallander Åbacka is an old natural forest with a historical value.

Crawlkurs intensiv

(8 km bis Ekenäs)  Karte

Aktivitäten & Sport

Kallinge indoor ice rink

(8 km bis Ekenäs)  Karte

Kinder & Familie, Sport & Bewegung, Winter-Aktivitäten Go ice skating at Kockumshallen, the ice rink in Kallinge during winter.

Lönnamohagen Strövstig

(9 km bis Ekenäs)  Karte

Radfahren & Wandern Walking path in a beautiful area in Kallinge.

Car rentals

(9 km bis Ekenäs)  Karte

Übrige Here are some suggestions on where you can rent a car in Ronneby.

Listerby skärgård

(9 km bis Ekenäs)  Karte

Übrige The reserve is made ​​up of three main islands where you still can find traces of ancient times.

Salsjön Strövstig

(9 km bis Ekenäs)  Karte

Radfahren & Wandern Hiking area around Salsjön about 2 kilometers southeast of Bräkne-Hoby.


(9 km bis Ekenäs)  Karte

Übrige Archipelago island located 20 kilometers east of Ronneby and only reachable by boat or by foot.

Blekinge Flygklubb

(10 km bis Ekenäs)  Karte

Sport & Bewegung, Übrige Interested in flying a plane? Book a time to try out glider or motor flight.

ICA Nära

(10 km bis Ekenäs)  Karte

Läden & Einkaufszentren ICA Nära is a grocery store.

Bredagårdens Handelsträdgård

(10 km bis Ekenäs)  Karte

Hofläden, Shopping Bredagårdens Handelsträdgård is located in Johannishus, between Ronneby and Karlskrona where they grow outdoor plants and indoor plants throughout the year.

Hjortsberga church

(10 km bis Ekenäs)  Karte

Kirchen The church is considered as the oldest one in Blekinge, probably build before 1200.

Förkärla church

(10 km bis Ekenäs)  Karte

Kirchen During prehistoric times was Förkärla area a central district and a wooden church was built during the early period of christening work in Blekinge, probably in the early 1200's.

Ateljé Gugga

(10 km bis Ekenäs)  Karte

Galerie & Kunst Studio with paintings in watercolor.

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