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Hälsansstig, a path in Ronneby

(27 km bis Räntemåla gård)  Karte

Radfahren & Wandern This is a path from the center of Ronneby, to Ronneby Brunnspark.

Pizzeria Romanzia

(27 km bis Räntemåla gård)  Karte

Restaurant A pizza restaurant in the middle of Ronneby.

Hjortsberga church

(27 km bis Räntemåla gård)  Karte

Kirchen The church is considered as the oldest one in Blekinge, probably build before 1200.

Apoteket "Snäckan"

(28 km bis Räntemåla gård)  Karte

Läden & Einkaufszentren Apoteket sells drugs and personal care products.

Nya Ferali Restaurang

(28 km bis Räntemåla gård)  Karte

Restaurant Restaurant just opposite the railway station in Ronneby.

Wallanders Åbacka

(28 km bis Räntemåla gård)  Karte

Übrige Wallander Åbacka is an old natural forest with a historical value.

Björketorps Gård

(28 km bis Räntemåla gård)  Karte

Hofläden Björketorps Gård sells home-made organic ice cream.

Ateljé Gugga

(28 km bis Räntemåla gård)  Karte

Galerie & Kunst Studio with paintings in watercolor.


(28 km bis Räntemåla gård)  Karte

Restaurant Local testaurant in the neighborhood Blekan in Ronneby.

Ginos Livs

(28 km bis Räntemåla gård)  Karte

Läden & Einkaufszentren Ginos Livs is a small grocery store.

Ronneby indoor swimming pool

(28 km bis Räntemåla gård)  Karte

Bad, Meer & See, Sport & Bewegung Ronneby indoor swimming pool is located centrally along with the city sports hall.


(28 km bis Räntemåla gård)  Karte

Sport & Bewegung STAC are focusing on the big picture.

Wellness Studio

(28 km bis Räntemåla gård)  Karte

Sport & Bewegung A gym not far from the center of Ronneby with opportunity for weight lifting, cardio and fitness classes.

Bredagårdens Handelsträdgård

(28 km bis Räntemåla gård)  Karte

Hofläden, Shopping Bredagårdens Handelsträdgård is located in Johannishus, between Ronneby and Karlskrona where they grow outdoor plants and indoor plants throughout the year.

Johannishus Åsar Naturreservat

(28 km bis Räntemåla gård)  Karte

Radfahren & Wandern The ridge extends through a cultivated valley and offers a varied and beautiful landscape.

ICA Nära

(28 km bis Räntemåla gård)  Karte

Läden & Einkaufszentren ICA Nära is a grocery store.


(28 km bis Räntemåla gård)  Karte

Übrige, Antik & Second Hand You will find antique furniture, curios, lamps, china, glass, etc. here. They also sell stoves, heaters and stoves.


(28 km bis Räntemåla gård)  Karte

Café, Hof laden & Räucheri, Restaurant Farm shop with locally produced products, but also with possibilities for coffee and food.

Brunnsparkens Restaurang och Café

(28 km bis Räntemåla gård)  Karte

Restaurant, Café Located in the Ronneby Brunnspark - one of Sweden's most beautiful parks.

Café Mandeltårtan

(29 km bis Räntemåla gård)  Karte

Café Welcome to this genuine and exceptional café and restaurant. Famous for quality and their speciality the "almond cake". You can also cool off with locally made ice cream from ...

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