Eringsboda church

Address: Ronnebyvägen, 370 17 Eringsboda Show map

Address: Ronnebyvägen, 370 17 Eringsboda

The church of Eringsboda was built 1847-49 according sketches of J A Hawerman.

Earlier there was a chapel, built 1736-38, where the church is today.

The church is a rectangular house with white walls and standing panels.

The church was restored 1932 by the architects E Graebe and P Boberg, a small part of the church was demolished. Another restoration took place in 1967. Most of the interior is unchanged.

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  • Arena or meeting point
    Eringsboda 0.3 km
    Eringsboda 0.3 km
  • City centre
    Ronneby sqaure 26 km

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