Ateljé Millegarne

Address: Bredasundsvägen 3, 372 94 LISTERBY Show map

Address: Bredasundsvägen 3, 372 94 LISTERBY

Paintings by the artists Bridget Möller and Monica Müller-Ljungberg included in Blekingepärlor.

They are open at home during spring and autumn arts and crafts rounds. Otherwise, they open by appointment by phone.
Phone Bridget Möller: +46 (0) 457-306 53
Monica Müller-Ljungberg: +46 (0) 457-30045

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  • Arena or meeting point
    Saxemara 7 km
    Listerby 8 km
  • City centre
    Ronneby sqaure 9 km

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