Address: Ronneby Brunnspark, 372 73 Ronneby Show map

Address: Ronneby Brunnspark, 372 73 Ronneby

A waterpark for the whole family in Ronneby Brunnspark.

The water park is designed as a cohesive system of pools with canals, inlets and an island in the middle.

There is a 25 meter pool for workouts and fitness swimming, a shallow "beach" and a little deeper lagoon with solid diving tower. There is also a stream channel, a bench with water massage and a jacuzzi like warm pool with massaging whirlpool jets.

The small children pool is in three parts with a small height difference between them and different water depths in the different parts. The shallowest part is 25 centimeters deep and the deepest 50 centimeters. There is a small water slide and water splashing toys.

At Brunnsbadet are there two water slides, a wide 93 meters long so called Magic Hole water slide where you can go several at the same time, and a regular with bumps and turns that are 75 meters long.
Note: To go in the water slides one must buy an extra wristbands at the entrance.

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    +46 (0) 457-61 75 59
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    Adults: 50 kr Youth 7-20 år: 25 kr Children 0-6 år: Free Water slides: 40 kr Family ticket with water slides, 1 adult and max. 3 children 200 kr Family ticket with water slides, 2 adults and max. 3 children 250 kr

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