Bathing places - the sea

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Along the coast in Ronneby, are there many beaches. Find your own favorite spot

- Ekenäs. About 5 kilometers south of Ronneby center. Grass / sand beach, kiosk, beach volleyball. Small campsite.

- Karön. About 5 kilometers south of Ronneby center. Dock, sandy beach. The island also has cabins and a restaurant. Boat departs from Ekenäs, on the mainland, during the summer.

- Millegarne. About 16 kilometers south of Ronneby. Sandy beach, shallow water.

- Gökalv. About 18 kilometers south of Ronneby. Grass / sand, rocks, shallow water.

- Saxemara. Approximately 7 kilometers southwest of Ronneby. Inner sandy beach, dock and shallower waters. Outer beach with jetties, cliffs and small beach.

- Järnavik. About 20 kilometers west of Ronneby. Beach, rocks, kiosk and camping.

- Bökenäs. About 20 kilometers southeast of Ronneby. Sandy beach, kiosk and camping.

- Kuggeboda. About 15 kilometers southeast of Ronneby. Grass / sand beach.

- Slättanäs. About 15 kilometers southeast of Ronneby. Grass, dock, not so shallow

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Nearby accommodations


Ronneby Brunnspark Vandrarhem och B&B

Distance: 3.3 km
Ronneby Brunnspark Vandrarhem och B&B is located in the old Brunnsvillas from the beginning of the 20th century. Here you find a personal and comfortable living, in the middle of the spectacular Brunnspark.

Göholms Bed and Breakfast

Distance: 4.9 km
Welcome to the good life in the country - close to nature and history.

Karö Stugby

Distance: 935 meters
Seafront accommodation in cottages on Karön Ronneby Archipelago. There is a holiday village consisting of 15 cottages with camping standard and a central service building with toilets, showers, sauna and common areas. The holiday village is open from June to August.