Address: Gymnastikpromenaden 2, 372 36 Ronneby Show map

Address: Gymnastikpromenaden 2, 372 36 Ronneby

This is a place where you can find information about the cultural landscape and the outdoor life in Blekinge.

Naturum is located in one of the villas in Ronneby Brunnspark. You can learn a lot about the nature, nature trails, nature reserves and leisure fishing here.

You can also see small animals and plants and look at films about Blekinge and our nature.

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  • Arena or meeting point
    Ronneby Brunnspark 0 m
    Ronneby Brunn Hotel 0.3 km
  • Train station
    Ronneby travel center (bus/train) 1 km
  • City centre
    Ronneby sqaure 2 km

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Welcome to the good life in the country - close to nature and history.