Almö naturreservat

Address: Almö Listerby Show map

Address: Almö Listerby

You go to the reserve on Almö to go swimming, have a picnic or hike on the beautiful trails. There are oak pastures and deciduous forest in the north and in the southern part of the reserve you will find an open landscape that includes a heathland.

Almös pastures, open heaths and meadows are valuable cultural environments, where humans during generations had animals in summer and thereby bibehållt an open landscape. Popular and easily accessible destination. Nice views of the archipelago, varied range of footpaths on both sides of Hasslö Road.

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  • Arena or meeting point
    Listerby 1 km
    Saxemara 12 km
  • Train station
    Ronneby travel center (bus/train) 8 km
  • City centre
    Ronneby sqaure 9 km

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